Data Governance and Data Management


Data Management is fundamental to any organization that pursues informed decision making

manoadata leads your business through the identification, organization and control of your data assets. We guide your people through the definition and communication of a data strategy, accompanied by principles, policies and processes to maximize the value of your data.

manoadata provides a roadmap of actions and projects to achieve your data strategy, and helps you design and deploy solutions for implementing or improving Data Management key areas.

The Data Management value chain

Data /Strategy/Actions

We support organizations in the definition and implementation of a data strategy program aligned with business strategy, by setting actions required to achieve high-level goals.

The Data

Our services are aligned with the principles of the Data Management Institute (DAMA), the foundation for good Data Management practices. Through the Data Management process your organization can specify, enable, create, acquire, maintain, use, archive, retrieve, control and purge data. We start by assessing the current state of your corporate data and assist you in the definition of a roadmap with prioritized actions and projects in the different Data Management areas. We provide the support to execute these actions and projects to achieve your data strategy.

The critical Data Management
knowledge areas

We implement Data Management programs based on the different Data Management areas. Within each area we develop the description, goals, processes, inputs, roles, responsibilities, stakeholders, tools, deliverables and metrics for achieving the data strategy goals.

Predictive Modelling using
Machine and Deep Learning techniques:

Organizations collect a rich variety of data in their daily processes. However, this data is rarely exploited to predict the likelihood of future events. We help companies to transform their data into knowledge by means of mathematical tools that predict future events accurately. Our Predictive Modelling services help to identify opportunities in your data that can be converted to actionable knowledge during your decision-making processes.

Using the most advances Machine and Deep Learning techniques, we conceptualize, integrate, design and deploy predictive models into your operational environment, to make prediction a reality in your organization. Using state-of-the-art Data Science techniques, we ensure that your models are aligned with your operation, in compliance with regulation and ethics on the exploitation of data for decision making.

The Predictive
Modelling value chain:

We gather and exploit your data assets to predict business outcomes used to support critical decision-making processes. We encourage your organization to foresee future events, we boost the value of your corporate data and assist you to improve existing decision-making processes that accelerate your business goals.

The Predictive

Modelling Process

Predictive Modelling starts with a business opportunity that can be translated into a tool for supporting decision making. After discovering this opportunity, manoadata designs the data processes to help collect, validate and integrate your data. Using the most advanced Machine and Deep Learning techniques, a benchmark of candidate predictive models is constructed and evaluated according to state-of-the-art Data Science methods and your business success criteria, in compliance with regulation and ethical frameworks. Your selected model is finally embedded into your system to automate decision making support in your critical processes.

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