Modern organizations rely on data to support their business processes.

However, most of them lack a corporate strategy to identify, manage and exploit their data assets.

The absence of policies and processes to administer data limits the value that organizations can make out of critical information.

The uncertainty and poor administration of corporate data restricts opportunities for extracting knowledge that can be potentially valuable for supporting decision making activities.

manoadata assists organizations to identify their data assets, define and roll-out principles, policies, processes, metrics, technologies and tools to boost the value of critical data. By designing and implementing Predictive Modelling solutions based on Machine Learning techniques, manoadata maximizes the value of organizational data extracting meaningful insights that can be actioned.

Our History

manoadata has around 10 years of experience guiding businesses on the design and delivery of technological solutions to maximize the value of corporate data. Early in 2009, manoadata started provisioning solutions for content management, database administration and online transaction systems.

Later on, our key staff moved on to leading organizations to define their corporate data strategy, guidelines, principles and policies, and to design and implement data architecture, data analysis, data quality and data development tools.

We helped organizations on the definition of processes, technologies and tools for all Data Management areas. More recently, our staff started offering Predictive Modelling services supported by the most advanced Machine and Deep Learning techniques. Currently, our company assists organizations on the identification of opportunities that transform data into meaningful knowledge, by conceptualizing, designing, integrating and deploying predictive models used to support critical decision-making activities, accompanied by Data Management services to better identify and control key data assets.


Our mission is to provide services to maximize the value of corporate data. With our people as our key value, we help businesses to achieve organizational goals by creating, designing and deploying solutions that boost the potential of their data and information. Organizations can rely on our people to maximize the use and exploitation of their data in a timely and ethical manner, and with high quality.


By 2025, manoadata will be ranked in the top ten list of preferred companies selected for empowering organizations in the management, exploration, organization and exploitation of corporate data used to support decision making processes, switching the roadmap to success.

Why to choose us?

manoadata is proudly leaded by women. Our key staff has high qualifications, knowledge and experience in technology and especially in the uses of data and information.

manoadata cares about your corporate data. We make sure that the uses of your data are consistently aligned with your business goals.

Your data is our priority.

Our key concern is to help you solve problems and issues related to data and to exploit opportunities to extract knowledge out of them, in your specific application domain.

We work to empower organizations.

We work to empower organizations for the creation of business opportunities and achievement of corporate goals by means of data.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We provide high quality products and services in a timely and responsive manner.

We protect your data.

We are complaint with law and regulations for protecting your data. Confidentiality and privacy of our customers data are part of our key values.

Ethics in the use and exploitation of corporate data is our commitment.

We lead organizations through the identification and deployment of solutions that support decision making processes without affecting the communities that these applications serve.

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